private and  group music lessions

School for Rock ( ages 8 and up)
Here at school for rock we nurture your child’s talent, by giving them instruction from professional musicians.  What you can expect is that your child will learn to work in a team environment, find his or her hidden talents,self esteem building and have fun; all while learning how to read music, music theory, performance skills, and techniques as they mature with their instruments.    It will allow your child to socialize with other children who share common interests, a creative post for song writting, positive environment, and gives them a rehearsal space in a music oriented enviroment.   When choosing a program like this, you need to look at quality, numbers, and the amount of time your child will perform on stage.  Here at DelRay school of Music we pride ourselves in the fact that our bands strive to play full sets which last about 25 to 40 minutes and are compiled of both originals and covers chosen by both the bands and director.  It is important that our bands strive to be fearless, to let it go on stage, and show their true colors as a group and individuals.  School for Rock is about having fun, and we are committed to providing a service that will allow you and child to do so.  

Munchkin Rock
Munchkin Rock a fun introduction to rock music for your child.  Ages 5 to 9 are taught the early fundamentals of music.  What makes Munchkin Rock special is the spin on the curriculum.  We take classic children’s songs and rock them out; as well as, teaching them a few excerpts from popular rock songs.      To do this the children learn basic rhythm, beat, and singing.  They learn the basic notes and strumming of their instruments and eventually progress into school of rock.  

Adult School for Rock
Have you ever wanted to be in a rock band? Maybe it's a bluegrass band.  Well, adult school for rock is what you have been looking for.  We take like minded adult amateur musicians and pair them together with other like minded individuals under the direction of a professional musician.   What you can expect, is to form a band, have fun, practice space and some paying gigs.  So maybe you didn't have the courage when you where younger, family life held you back or timing just stopped you.  Now you do not know anyone, Adult School for Rock is what you are looking for.  So if you are 20 to 220 years in age, you should check out Adult School for Rock at DelRay School of music.

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School for Rock