Ms Navis’s  purpose in music education is to cultivate aesthetic experiences that allow each student to participate

actively in music, whatever their cultural heritage, race, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic

status, intellectual or physical ability may be. Her goal is to educate the whole person, focusing on the

development of their character as well as their musicianship, so that her students will become independent

musicians and lifelong learners. Through guidance, her students will learn to take ownership of their

learning, learn a high level of musicianship and technique, have the ability to discover their emotional

expression, and expand their intellectual curiosity and creativity by interacting with music through a

variety of creative arts. This allows them to be successful in any future pursuit, albeit musical or

otherwise, creating a positive learning environment that is rooted in excellence.


Madalyn Navis is a violinist, music educator, and chamber musician currently residing in Alexandria,

Virginia. She is a registered Suzuki Violin Instructor and holds a Master of Music Degree in Violin

Performance from Bowling Green State University, where she was a member of the Graduate String

Quartet. Additionally, Ms. Navis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumental Music Education and Violin

Performance from Hope College in Holland, MI.