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What do we mean when we talk about it? Determination of price, cost or value? What is the purpose of our evaluation? Can we manipulate her? And what role do the characteristics described above play in the assessment?

To begin with, let's decide on the methods of real estate valuation Modern methodology recommends using one, two, and sometimes all four methods for it, depending on the type and purpose:

- comparative;

- consumable;

- profitable;

is an alternative investment.

And here, in the assessment, all those characteristics that we discussed earlier begin to play a role.

Comparative method. With this method, you can most accurately determine the price of a property at the moment for sale (renting) and, possibly, for purchase, if you want to understand if you are overpaying for the purchased object.

An important role when using this method will be played by the characteristics of real estate for a selection of similar objects:

- type;

- by location;

- according to technical parameters;

- by class.

To determine the price by the comparative method, the sample must be sufficiently relevant. It is impossible to compare prices with two or three objects to determine the value of a private house.



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