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Marcus Daniel

Marcus Daniel is originally from India; his Father was a classical pianist and music teacher and started teaching him from the age of 7. Growing up, they had choir rehearsals in their home as his Father was also a church choir director, and their home was just across the street from the church. 

My first job, in fact, was as school music teacher. A friend of his was a teacher at Bishop Cotton Boys School in Bangalore, India. He was in charge of a major school production and hired Marcus as an accompanist to play the piano for the children who sang. The day before the concert, during the dress rehearsal, the Principal offered to hire him as a full-time music teacher, on the condition that he get a haircut. He accepted the offer and remained there for 3 years.

Following this he came to the United States and did his Bachelor of Music in Michigan. My Father had cancer and he returned to India after graduating. Three months later his Father passed away. 

The small cassette-tape side business that his Father had started when he was a three-year-old child had grown considerably.  Now as a CD/DVD distribution company, Marcus took it over. He even did his MBA at this time, studying on the weekends. After 7 to 8 years CDs and DVDs started becoming obsolete, and he also started realizing that he did not have the aptitude to stay in the business world. 

He began performing music, particularly in the jazz genre, and began teaching a few private piano students at home. Subsequently, he also taught in 2 different k-12 schools, with general music and theory in one school and training the choir in the other. He decided to get a master’s degree in Music Education and returned to the United States, this time to Maryland. 


Since graduating in May 2020, which was right in the middle the pandemic, he has been teaching some private piano students through Zoom. As children return to in-person learning and the sound of music echoes through the once silent halls of schools again, he eagerly looks forward to imparting his knowledge, skills, and experience in facilitating the students' learning of music. 

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