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   Munchkin and Me, Munchkin and Me age 3, Munchkin Rock Classes are now available in a fun, interactive social distance classroom setting


Munchkin and Me (ages  9 months - 2 years)

Munchkin and Me age Three (ages 3 - 4)



Munchkin and Me is a fun and exciting way to introduce you and your baby to music at a critical child time of developmental in both your lives.

This class is a weekly 45 minute exploration of singing, dancing, clapping, counting and instrumental development. You and your child will learn rhyme, rhythm, pitch and melody and enjoy lots of laughing and smiling together.  

During the course duration, you and your child will learn motor coordination, interactive creative expression and imagination and the pure joy of music.

Munchkin and Me Classes meet on Thursday mornings 11.00 - 11:45am. 

The Munchkin and Me Age 3 Classes meet Thursdays at 11:00am and Thursdays at 10:00am - 10:45am. 

Summer 2021 Classes are now open for enrollment .

Please send us an email or call for more details.. Classes and structured in 10 week semesters 

Click the here to enroll!



(ages 5-8 years) 

Munchkin Rock is a fun introduction to Rock Music for your child.

Ages 5-8 are taught the early fundamentals of music. 

What makes Munchkin Rock special is the spin on the curriculum... we take classic children's songs and rock them out to and teach them a few excerpts from popular songs.

To do this children learn basic notation, strumming and playing of their instruments while progressing into the our Rock School program.

Classe meets Saturdays 2:00pm -2:55pm


Summer 2021 classes are now open for Enrollment! 

Click here to enroll!



(ages 8 - 18)
Here at Rock School we nurture the students talent, by giving them instruction from professional musicians.  What you can expect is that your child will learn to work in a team environment, find his or her hidden talents,self esteem building and have fun; all while learning how to read music, music theory, performance skills, and techniques as they mature with their instruments. It will allow the student to socialize with others who share common interests, a creative post for song writing, positive environment, and gives them a rehearsal space in a music oriented environment.
Students get the opportunity several times a year to give the gift of music back to the community in public performances with the entire program our as  individual groups helping them hone their skills as fearless as musicians and performers.
As educators we strive to offer these fundamental principles to help the student succeed and thrive in a rock band environment.
We’d like to make you aware of the areas we like to emphasize in our curriculum.
The school focuses on teaching how to create music while learning and technically mastering their instruments, We think it important that students have the opportunity to work on the development of the  basic people skills of teamwork, problem solving skills and realization of long and short term goals in a group environment.
Although not essential reading music, music theory, song structure and writing/composing music puts the student in a much better position to enhance their creative output and become a better well rounded musician.
In the program we also like to give students the opportunity to learn and master scoring programs such as Sibelius and recording software such as Cubase and  Garageband.
School for Rock is about having fun, and we are committed to providing a service that will allow you and child to do so.



Group Classes

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