Summer Camps 2020

Jr Munchkin Rock Camp      

9am - 1pm   $295

June 22nd - June 26th

July 13th -July 17th

JR. Munchkin Rock Camp, ages 4-5 is a half day week long beginners music camp designed for your youngster to have a camp experience without being stressed out by a long day. It will start at 9AM and end at 1PM so they will have lunch just like the big kids. What we will do is teach them introduction to music theory by playing games using the fundamentals of music. Learn about different instruments, and experiment with them. By enabling them to explore different instruments hands on your child will learn about the possibilities these instruments hold today and in their futures They will create music based crafts to take home each day, have outside time at the local park. (Mount Vernon Community Center directly across the street from the school). We also only want to give children personal attention so there will be 3 children to each counselor. Please send your child with drinks,morning snack, lunch or money to purchase a lunch. Hurry up and register today, camp size is limited.



Summer Strings Camp  9am - 3pm  $395

June 22nd - 26st ages 6 - 10

July 8th - 12th ages 11 - 15 

String Camp at Del Ray School of Music  “Acro” and “Pizzicato” may or may not be regular vocabulary in your household but after a week at Del Ray School of Music’s string camp your child’s bowing and plucking development will improve.  This opportunity is for your novice Violinist, Violist and Cellist to be exposed to the magic of becoming part of an Orchestral Ensemble.  Your child will get to spend a week with working with peers of the same abilities.  Together they will focus on learning Orchestral pieces from the Suzuki Book 1, 2 and 3 Ensemble.  Everyday, the students will work as a team and individually on intonation exercises, basic rhythmic development by using games and other exciting activities.  In a fun and dynamic manner your child will learn  the fundamental scales of G major, D major and A Major. More advanced campers will learn harmonic and melodic minor scales as well  Individually campers will hone their expertise on their own instrument. Together the group will learn what it take to work as an ensemble and perform on the last day two pieces for family members.  Students will also have opportunities to work on more advanced part arangments and solos in each of the performance pieces.  This camp is designed to encourage your child to love the magic of their personal instrument while playing in an Orchestra Ensemble environment .Please send your child with drinks,morning snack, lunch or money to purchase a lunch. 



Songwriting Camp 9am - 3pm $395

July 6 - July 10th ages 7 -11

July 27th -July 31st ages 11 - 15


Songwriting Camp at the Del Ray School of Music is an opportunity for your child to engage in their music creativity by working with actual musicians and writers to compose an original song in a group environment.  We will help encourage your child to expand their boundaries of music composition by building rhythm, instrument knowledge, theory and composition skills.  During the week they will to unleash their own inner landscape of sound. Each day the students will progress composing chords progressions, creating melodies, composing lyrics as a team with his or her instrument of choice. At the end of this session one or more songs will be composed, and performed for you're listening pleasure. This camp is held from 9am until 3:30PM Monday-Friday. Please send your child with drinks,morning snack, lunch or money to purchase a lunch. 


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