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Nathalie Braux, has been teaching music since 1986. She has specialized in clarinet, saxophone, and piano.   She obtained a BA in Musicology from the University, La Sorbonne in Paris France in 1980, and obtained the Diploma of Superior Level of the Leopold Bellan Contest (Paris, France) in 1995 in clarinet.   Nathalie, has attended numerous saxophone master classes and workshops lead by Francois Cotinaud, John Tchical, Bob Sheppard, Migel Zenon. While living in Guadalajara, Mexico, she worked with students at the Educare School, Signos School, Lycée Francais, Dance University Escena, and the Jesuit University.  She has lead workshops in breathing techniques, sonority, individual and collective phrasing rhythm and interpretation.  Nathalie is amazing instructor, her background as a jazz-clarinetist provides a child with knowledge and understanding of the instrument.

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