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Jimmy Maguire is a performing guitarist, music teacher and audio engineer. Jimmy has been performing for decades, and toured internationally, playing with bands of diverse genres as well as performing as a solo acoustic singer.
Jimmy has been teaching private guitar lessons to both children and adults for 25 years. Jimmy's teaching curriculum is highly individualized and incorporates the musical taste of the student, level of ability/dexterity, music theory, song analysis and the elements of original composition to each lesson. Jimmy teaches for Chesapeake Guitar with Max Fisher and has conducted boot-camp style 5 day guitar workshops and tour preparation for artists including Grammy Award winner India Arie. 
Jimmy works behind the scenes in the audio world as a recording engineer, and is currently engineering Book Of Wonders, a forthcoming work by India Arie amongst other projects. Jimmy also teaches audio engineering including ProTools 12 and vintage Analog Tape recording technique. Jimmy is the head of Modern Tape Studios, an Analog/Digital recording suite currently recording vocals for the upcoming artist Greya.
Jimmy Maguire is currently performing in the greater Washington D.C. area as a solo acoustic guitarist, with the Caribbean Jazz band Rainforest, and with various Society Bands.

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